Spring is here and so is our sister publication beijingkids' April issue, featuring stories of blended families within our community: from a single gay dad to siblings living abroad without their parents, to one grandmother who relocated to be with her family to a single adoptive working mom. These families all share the ups and downs of raising a child in the city, and discuss with us the support network that they rely on.

Also, students from BWYA debate the definition of 'family' and what society deems it to be in Roundtable, under the learning section. Schooled this month focuses on cooking with children and eating healthy food from Michelin-starred Chef Marc Frosh and Mosto's Executive Chef Daniel Urdaneta. Spring artworks are provided by the students from Side by Side. 

A walk around Beijing will tell you that the flowers are blooming and the strawberries await your tastebuds as pick-your-own-produce farms are open for spring. Find out where to visit several of the best flower festivals and farms.

In our health section check out Dr. Melissa Rodriguez's advice on multivitamins and Dr. George Hu's take on the blended family. We also take a look at CPR in the capital and why it's important to know first aid. 

The Westin Chaoyang's sushi making class might just be the birthday themed activity of choice in our Birthday Bash column. Shanghai based delivery crafts, started by two teachers who wanted to bring a hands-on crafting experience back, speak to us in Talking Shop. Finally, Nisha Budhev looks ready for spring as Laurent Falcon gives her a fresh new look in this month's Indulge.

Can't find the print edition? Send an email to [email protected] or call 5820 770. You can also check out the PDF version online at Issuu. Want more articles like these? Head on over to beijingkids.

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