The recent winner of the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, Black Coal Thin Ice, is set for release on March 21. This Hitchcockian noir film from director Diao Yinan stars actress Kwai Lun-mei and actor Wang Xuebing. The plot follows a homicide detective investigating a series of murders that all seem to be connected to a victim's widow from a case five years ago. As he gets nearer to the truth, he also finds himself in increasing amounts of danger. This is the fourth film made in China to receive the prestigious Golden Bear award. It is very exciting to see a film with this kind of critical hype, making it past the censors for a full-on theatrical release on the mainland. 

The remake of Paul Verhoeven's 80s sci-fi action flick, Robocop, moved into the top slot this week at the box office, bringing its total up to 42.42 million with over 3,573 admissions. China is the only country to receive the special 3D release because it is clear that Chinese audiences are willing to fork over the extra bucks for in-your-face sensationalized violence. Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug has dropped down to second place, while Luc Besson's Malavita starring Robert De Niro is staying fit at third.

In art news, make sure to check out the opening of Ma Yongfeng's Suspending at Jiali Gallery this weekend, beginning at 4pm. Ma Yongfeng is an esoteric photographer that utilizes a silver gelatin print process and specifically utilizes Chinese motifs like stones, trees, and water.  He puts these motifs under a magnifying glass to present these forms through a uniquely modern point of view. Jiali Gallery always has nice and intimate receptions so get over to Jiadaokou this weekend and check it out. 

Finally Beijing's top laser tag arena, StarTrooper, was forced to close their doors last month after the property management refused to renew their lease. They are already looking for a new venue but this will unfortunately take some time. For more information and updates, please visit their website

Here are some more events to help keep you entertained this week:


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