Date: Mar 13th 2014 1:25p.m.
Contributed by: ktschroedes

Dim sum is such a staple in Guangzhou and recently I had the pleasure of dining at the dim sum lunch buffet at Jiang by Chef Fei in the delightful Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Having a giant appetite most of the time, it's always nice to find a distinctive dim sum restaurant that offers a wide variety with delectable bites. Jaing by Chef Fei hits the dish requirement with elegance. However, the service needs a bit more attention.

Steamed shrimp dumplings are never something I pass up. Being a seafood nut, particularly when it comes to shrimp, I've tried shrimp dumplings at many places. Jiang by Chef Fei did not disappoint. While at some restaurants, the shrimp can have a slippery and very wet consistency, these dumplings were well-steamed and just the right tenderness. After nibbling (ok, inhaling) these, I moved onto the deep-fried shrimp spring roll. Again, a winning dish. Not too greasy and full of shrimp meat, I will definitely be ordering these again.

Moving on to the baked egg tart after starting with some winners, my hope was slightly vanquished. The egg tart was dry and the crust hard to choke down. No worries, on to the next dish; bean curd with fungus. A tofu and mushroom lover, I was happy to discover that the tofu was the perfect temperature and the mushrooms cooked (steamed?) to near perfection. Add a little spicy chili to it and it slid down the throat wonderfully.

The best part of the meal was the meat combination platter. The platter included BBQ pork belly, roasted goose, and BBQ pork with honey. I first tried roast goose on my first night in Guangzhou and swore I would never eat it again. It tasted gamey and dry. But here I was with it ...

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