It is the end of an era; Ikea is finally fed up of scroungers coming to hang out at its stores and taking to napping wherever they bloody well please. According to the Beijing Youth Daily, Ikea is banning sleeping across the country's various stores.

When asked, one customer stated that they had chosen to roll around on the furniture because they were tired from strolling and shopping at the store and that the Ikea beds were comfortable. No sh*t, Sherlock. The same customer went on to acknowledge the negative effect on prospective buyers that people sleeping throughout the store may have but said it probably wasn't so significant.

A staff member said the new regulation would be difficult to implement: we also look forward to seeing them try.

In light of this depressing news (I mean, there's no place to have better air-conditioned naps during the sweaty summer months), we would like to shine a spotlight on Ikea’s best nappers:

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