Recently I have been asked by a lot of families in Beijing about Life Insurance. Maybe my article two months ago on wills and trusts got people thinking, or more likely it’s the pollution and crazy Beijing roads.

Regardless of what it is in life which makes people inquire about life insurance, there should be only one key driver … "if I were to die tomorrow what would happen to my family and loved ones."

Currently I am in the process of helping a client with his life insurance. Things in his life are great, he has just had a little boy and like any new father he is very happy. However, the birth of his son has brought back some painful memories. When he was around ten years old, his father fell ill and tragically died. My client was extremely fortunate that his father had put in place a life insurance policy that allowed him to continue his life as his father would have wanted. It is therefore of no surprise that when he found he was going to be a father his attention quickly turned to protecting his new family. My client is not really in a position where he has that much spare cash to spend on life insurance, particularly with all the costs a newborn can bring. Nevertheless, he wanted to put in place as much protection as he could afford.

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