Date: Mar 12th 2014 8:46p.m.
Contributed by: ktschroedes

Breast-feeding mothers rejoice! Last week Guangzhou's first-ever public breast-feeding room was open in Nansha, where breasts can now be bared to hungry babes in private.

The 15-square meter room is located in the Sunflower Garden in scenic Nansha District, Guangzhou. The room is equipped with a lovely sofa, a baby crawl mat, and cradle for all the comforts of breast-feeding. The room is warmly decorated with pastel colors and a privacy curtain so mother's feel secure. A microwave, baby scale and water dispenser are in the room as well. Water-free hand sanitzer and paper towels are provided to make sure baby has a germ-free feeding session.

Ms. Lu, a new mom, used the room for the first time on March 9. She is relieved that there is now a place to feed her baby in public that offers privacy. "It's practical, warm and very considerate for us moms... and it is very beautiful and comfortable!", exclaims Ms. Lu.

Have you witnessed any mothers breast-feeding in public? Do you think breast-feeding rooms are important?

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