We’ve all had a couple of run-ins with tuhao (see exemplary nameless tuhao above), whether it be almost being mowed down by a Lamborghini in a narrow hutong or filling up a conference meeting chair at a sketchy company’s board meeting. Director Aubrey Lam seeks to change how people view these frivolous spenders with a new romantic comedy titled Tuhao 520, or Love Without Distance in English.

The director explained that "China has developed fast in the past three decades, thanks to the reform and opening-up policy. The booming economy has given us a bunch of billionaires, but they have struggled to earn much respect." The film will try to explain how this term is misleading and how these people are just a new class of people who have struggled to earn respect and like the rest of us, pursuing love and life at the fullest.

Playing the cash-strapped tuhao is award winning Hong Kong actor, Francis Ng. He reinforced the directors angle at a media event in Beijing by saying "Today's billionaires, who weren't raised in affluent families, have worked hard to become wealthy. It's fair to lead life the way they want."

Tuhao 520 is scheduled for a China-wide release on May 20.

Photo: ifengimg.com

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