Q Mex, located in Sanlitun, has a new menu and has added some delicious bites to their existing popular menu all in the spirit of keeping up with trends across America and Latin America, and helping us enjoy the switch between seasons.

We tried and approve of their balsamic & bacon guacamole (RMB 45) which is a classic guacamole with delicious sour balsamic vinegar, crispy bits of bacon, and a sprinkling of pine nuts. Other variations on the menu are the papaya & pineapple guacamole (RMB 42) and the seafood & wasabi guacamole (RMB 48) which we are excited to try next time we swing by.

We also had the mixed paella (RMB 198) generously filled with tender bits of chicken, chicken wings, grilled shrimp, New Zealand mussles, squid, cuttlefish, clams and sea bass: perfect to share with friends but not for the faint of heart as the beautifully presented platter definitely has a kick.

And finally, Q Mex is getting on board with Beijing’s pizza infatuation. They now provide thin-base pizzas to please those fiercely against American-style pizzas, and dessert pizzas for everyone with a sweet tooth. Management recommended the thin-base chipotle chicken pizza (RMB 65), topped off with chipotle tomato salsa to add Mexican flair, and it didn't disappoint  Q Mex is a Mexican restaurant after all.

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Photos courtesy of Q Mex

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