This afternoon we were lucky enough to take a look around new hutong boutique hotel Cours et Pavillons. Set in a beautifully restored courtyard owned by a Beijing family, the hotel is located on Weijia Hutong, just southwest of Zhangzizhong Lu. 

Currently they have four large rooms set around a courtyard, all tastefully decked out with a mix of modern amenities and traditional furnishings, many of which are original (and incredibly pricey) antiques. The rest of the hotel, including the glassed-in courtyard lobby, is similarly stylish.

To our surprise they also have a semi-private fine dining French restaurant on site. We were treated to a taste of the menu and were delighted with the quality  this is cooking as good as you'll find at any fine dining restaurant around town. At the helm is chef Zak el Hamdou, who some may remember from his stint at TRB. At the moment the restaurant is accepting bookings one to two days in advance, and they are also happy to make the restaurant private for events or special occasions. 

We'll leave you with a few pictures of the menu we tried today, but suffice to say we'll be back soon.

Cours et Pavillons
26 Weijia Hutong, Dongcheng District (6406 9838)

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Photos: Robynne Tindall

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