Date: Mar 13th 2014 12:57p.m.
Contributed by: cityweekend

We had a quick chat with Caspian front man Erin Burke-Moran. You can catch Caspian on Thursday night at MAO Livehouse

How do you seek to differentiate yourself from other post-rock bands?

I am not entirely sure if we are seeking to differentiate ourselves as much as we are just trying to write music that makes sense to us. I think on the surface it is easy to say that much of this music sounds the same, given that it is based around the effects we use and that there is no singer. I think if anyone takes the time to really listen, there is something about our music that sets us apart. I also think our live show is full of passion. It is really an experience or at least that is what people tell us.

What are your expectations for China this time around? Is there anything that you are particularly looking forward to on this trip?

Playing club shows here. Our first experience of China was such a rush as we were playing a festival. Part of what makes this tour so appealing to us is going to new places and meeting new people. I am sure it will be the experience of a lifetime.

More bands are coming out with unexpected licensing deals (such as Mogwai’s whiskey).If you guys could have a product tie-in, what would it be?

I think our product tie in would be Caspian foosballs (table soccer balls). Some of us have a very sincere appreciation for the game and I am sure some of our fans would dig it.



What: Caspian

Where: Mao Livehouse

When:8:30pm, Thursday March 13

Tickets: RMB8o (presale) / RMB120 (on door)


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