Essential Skills Training: Confident Recruitment and Hiring Skills 专业面试技巧培训

8:45 AM - 5:00 PM, Friday, April 24, 2015 - AmCham China, Tianjin Meeting Room

This course will be delivered in Chinese. 此次活动语言为中文。

This highly practical course provides a step-by step approach to the recruitment and selection process, with tips and techniques to help you to structure interviews, ask the critical questions and present your company in the best possible light. The ultimate aim of the course is to give you the confidence and reassurance that you’ve recruited the person who is the best match for the role. 高度实践性的课程,提供完整的招聘和筛选过程,通过练习各种技巧帮助你掌握结构化的面试,提出关键问题,以最好的方式介绍自己的公司。本课程的终极目标是给您自信和保证,让你招聘到最适合的人员。
This is an essential introductory course for anyone involved in and new to the recruitment and selection process or those with experience wanting to brush up their skills. 此课程针对所有需要进行招聘面试的经理或高级经理

What will I learn? 培训目标
- Confidently recruit the right person for your vacancy. 自信地招聘到适合的人才
- Understand the importance of getting it right. 了解招聘到正确的人的重要性
- Use the most effective recruitment options. 选取最有效的招聘方式
- Refine the job description to make sure you know what your ideal candidate looks like. 撰写职位说明,保证你知道要招什么样的人
- Know the steps to plan and prepare for an interview. 掌握招聘面试的步骤
- Think from an organizational perspective and present your company in the best possible light. 从公司的角度思考,向面试者展示公司的最佳形象
- Maintain your focus on the interview's primary objectives. 始终关注面试的首要目标

What will it cover? 课程内容
- The Importance of Getting it Right 招聘的重要性
• The cost of recruitment 招聘的真正成本
• Minimising the risk of churn 降低错误风险
• The legal risk 法律风险

- Attracting the Right Person 吸引人才
• Defining the recruitment and selection process 确定招聘和选择流程
• Methods of recruitment – head-hunters, recruitment agencies, the media and internal applications 招聘方法——猎头,招聘机构,媒体和内部招聘
• Identifying your role and responsibilities 明确你的角色的责任

- Preparing for Interviews 准备招聘面试
• Using job descriptions and person specifications 使用职位描述和个人特质
• Interview objectives and structuring an interview plan for each candidate 面试目标和个性化的面试计划
• Preparing the interview room 准备面试房间
• Selecting an appropriate interview time and venue 选择合适的时间和地点
• Style of interview - one-to-one, board, panel, who should attend etc. 面试方式:一对一,小组,多对一

- Conducting the Interview主持招聘面试
• Creating an open environment so that the candidate is encouraged to open up and relax 为面试者提供一个舒适、安全的环境
• Overcoming barriers to communication using positive body language 使用积极的肢体语言,跨越沟通障碍
• Keeping the interview on track and using effective listening and questioning skills 结合倾听和提问技巧,保证面试的方向
• How to take notes-- recording information for future use 如何记录信息

- After the Interview 面试之后
• Reviewing candidate qualities, attributes and skills against set criteria根据设定的标准评估面试者
• Selecting the right candidate - -evaluating performance, strengths and weaknesses. 选择最优的应聘者——评估优势,劣势和表现

Helen Dong, Demos Trainer & Consultant
Helen has 20 years of experience in fields of management consulting, human resource management and training. She used to work for Kraft, GE, Motorola and Terex. Her last role in the corporate world was the HR Director for Terex China. Terex China is a $300M business in Construction Machinery.
She is working as a management consultant and trainer, business column writer for several professional magazines and newspapers, and guest speaker for China Radio Station and Beijing TV Station.
董老师拥有近20年人力资源领域的丰富经验, 曾历任摩托罗拉人力资源经理、通用电气中国区人力资源经理、美国特雷克斯中国区人力资源总监。 因出色的工作成绩曾多次接受《人力资本》、《瞭望东方周刊》、《中智视野》、《东方第一财经》、《新京报》等媒体专访。

Helen Dong, Demos Trainer & Consultant

AmCham China Tianjin Meeting Room,29F Exchange Tower 2, No. 189 Nanjing Road, Heping District, Tianjin

8:45-9:00AM - Registration
9:00AM-12:00PM - Morning Session
12:00-1:00PM - Lunch
1:00-5:00PM - Afternoon Session

Cardholding members advanced discounted online price: RMB 2,000
Cardholding members at the door: RMB 2,000
Non-cardholding employees of member companies: RMB 2,000
Non-members: RMB 2,500

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