Le Pur, located in Nali Patio, has been making pure yogurt for four months now. Having never actually been inside we decided to pop in and take a peek. Following a brief "why on earth are there eight staff in this tiny store selling two flavors of yogurt?" that I hoped nobody would hear, we engaged in conversation with the owner who spoke great English (to my embarrassment), and who detailed the process to us. Making these tiny tubs does apparently require all that staff.

The door reads "Some of the best yogurt in town is being made here." To be fair, there isn't that much yogurt competition in the city but Le Pur stands a chance of fulfilling its promise.

Half of the shop is their kitchen  through a glass screen you can multiple staff members pre-occupied in the intricate yogurt-making process, in the other half of the store sits a fridge with yogurt pots all lined up, waiting to be taken home. The owner is friendly and happy to explain whatever you want to know.

As of right now, the options are lemon and lime, or rose and coconut. Each tub is RMB 15. The owner tells us that vanilla will be an option in the near future. Yum. We tried lemon and lime, which comes in a little plastic tub, and is wrapped in a sleeve with a cute watercolor painting of a lemon.

As expected, and explained, the yogurt is tart but delicious. Although thinner than greek yogurt, the white flubber-like goop is tasty.

We can definitely say that we are waiting for the vanilla tubs to come out, and when it does, we will order it to the office on WeChat. All you have to do is follow them on their WeChat account @lechunwx. They prepare the yogurt between 8am and 1pm, and open their Sanlitun store at 1pm and close when they sell out. Simples.

Le Pur
Daily 1pm onwards. Nali Patio (south side), 81 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District

Photos: Margaux Schreurs

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