Date: Mar 12th 2014 9:04a.m.
Contributed by: chelseastone

This issue's Fashionista features "Gumball Gal" Roseann Lake, Shanghai journalist hailing from the States, Spain and Italy. Check out our photos and interview with this stylish gal.

Often described as a gumball machine by her friends, Roseann is without doubt a fantastically colorful lady. Ruffles, bright colors, glittery crystals, chunky bangles, big wooly scarves and bold colored tights fill Roseann’s wardrobe this winter.



Her flower-filled outfit is full of roses, which have somewhat unintentionally become her fashion signature. She thanks her Spanish roots for her predisposition for all things flared or ruffled (think flamenco dresses), so when she saw this tea-length rose-stamped Betsey Johnson dress that seemed to be packing a fair amount of flair, she had to have it.

Frequent appearances on TV means Roseann needs to dress somewhat formally (reporter style), which has led to an accumulation of printed and loud colored blazers. Professional and clean cut paired with something fun and a bit renegade underneath is Roseann’s formula ice-breaker.


 Roseann in her Betsey Johnson dress


“There’s nothing more disarming than showing up to an interview with a big set of plastic strawberries dangling from your ears. Even the most serious of officials and security guards are bound to crack a smile.”

For more quirky observations and musings, Roseann is just finishing up her book about love in China (non-fiction) that will be out this spring in Mandarin, and next fall in English -- we can’t wait! 



Roseann answers...

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