Every month in P.S. We Ate You we like to shine a spotlight on the most delicious dishes we’ve stumbled upon recently. Chow down!

Pesto pork meatballs
The Meatball Company, RMB 38
The meatballs everyone has been raving about are perfect for lunch delivered to your office, or dinner delivered to your house. Choose your meat, your sauce, and add sides if you want. Our favorite combo is pork and pesto.

Ma yuan
Huatian Emei Jiujia, RMB 12
These little deep-fried glutinous rice balls covered in sesame seeds are our new favorite discovery. Desserts aren’t a specialty in Chinese restaurants, so if you do have a sweet tooth, finish off your meal with these on special occasions.

Pollo tacos
Taco Bar, RMB 45
That Taco Bar is amazing is not a secret anymore. We love their pollo tacos; three grilled tender chicken soft tacos topped off with cherry tomatoes, sour cream, and some other veggies. Depending on your spice tolerance, it’s best to add some extra chili sauce for that kick.

Pork bone broth ramen
Baoli Ramen, RMB 36
There’s still time to fit a few last bowls of belly-warming ramen before the weather renders the experience sweatier than preferable, and Baoli Ramen’s pork bone broth, filled with noodles perfect to the bite, slivers of salty seaweed, and melt-in-your-mouth pork, is one of our favorites.

Fish and chips
京A Taproom, Price TBD
As a Brit, the search for good fish and chips in Beijing seems endless and very often fruitless. Luckily, 京A have come to the rescue with their version, featuring perfectly crisp and tasty batter. Now if they’ll only serve proper chips instead of sweet potato fries.

Photo: Erin Strong

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