Sound the alarms, it's another rave! Get ready this Saturday, March 15 for the second installment of the Bunker Party, the follow-up to the highly successful first outing last November in Gulou.

Deep in the dark Cold War-era depths of Sihui lies an abandoned 800sqm bunker that has been transformed into a lavish pit filled with lasers, lights, and all things needed to get your groove thing going to the sweet sounds of underground (how fitting) techno.

Featuring ten DJ’s spinning everything from house to techno and those edgy vibes you just won't find in the sterile world of Sanlitun, you're sure to find an area to get your head bouncing. Not satisfied just with providing epic music, Bunker Party Volume Two will also feature two VJ's projecting stunning visual vibes onto the crumbling bunker walls. Ears and eyes entertained, could you want more?

Did we also mention there is word of a drunk boxing ring? There is. We're not too sure what that actually entails, but we can bet the words alone are enough to pique your curiosity.

Scheduled to finish up at 6am, this party is for those daring enough to go down in the party history books of Beijing ... literally. 

A heads up: There are no door sales. Every RMB 100 ticket (which includes a free beer) can be purchased in person at Cantina Agave or Home Plate (Sanyuanqiao), through Paypal by emailing [email protected], by contacting Sasha at 134 8885 3799, or at their official Facebook page (beijingcoldwarbunkerparty). 

Here's a taste of Bunker Party Volume One:

Photo: @nummelim on Instagram, Youku screenshot

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