Now that One Direction is down to a quartet, the arrival of the ultimate boy band, The Backstreet Boys, seems timely.

Orlando, Florida's favorite sons (aside from our own Kipp Whittaker, of course), are set for the MasterCard Center on April 18. The Backstreet Boys regrouped "permanently" as a fivesome in 2012, after Kevin Richardson learned what Zayn whatshisface is about to learn: don't get off the gravy train. Together the group has sold 130 million records worldwide since their 1990s heyday, despite not a single person on the planet being willing to admit they ever bought one.

Shockingly, their set will feature mostly hits from said heyday, along with material from their 2013 album, In a World Like This.

Get your tix here. Prices range from RMB 280 to 1,280, which seems like a more reasonable range than RMB 180-580 for The Iron Maidens.

Photo: Wikipedia

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