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Eating healthy isn’t just about prolonging your years, it’s also about improving the quality of your life.This is why in China, where pollution surrounds us daily and food scandals regularly pop up in the news, it’s especially important to make a commitment to eating organic for a healthier and happier life.

1.  Pollution Isn’t Only In the Air

China’s development has taken a toll on the land. The overuse of fertilizers and pesticides along with unchecked industrial activities have resulted in increasing soil pollution and contamination by heavy metals – all of which have dangerous effects on the food supply. This is why Epermarket guarantees that all organic products sold on the site are grown in safe conditions to ensure customers do not get exposed to harmful contaminants.

2.  Organic Food is Subject to Strict Regulations and Certifications

The term “organic” is often associated with high quality, but in reality it simply refers to the way products are grown and processed. Rest assured that Epermarket is ISO 9001 certified and its organic produce is not only subject to strict regulations and guidelines, but also continually tested for quality and safety to ensure it is consistently in line with the highest international standards. 

3.  Organic Farms Do Not Use Any Chemicals and GMOs

Chemical additives that are used in conventional agricultural processes are linked to many diseases such as cancer, cardiac disease, leukemia, infertility, and hypertension – just to name a few. Organic produce, on the other hand, has no pesticides, chemicals, GMOs, or processed additives to clog your system.This not only reduces your risk of illness and disease, but will also boost your day-to-day energy levels from all that healthy eating. 

To ensure even better quality control Epermarket now runs its own organic farm – the “EperFarm,” which was selected because of its adherence to strict international criteria. All of Eperfarm's organic crops are grown in safe soils and have no chemical modifications. Even the water used to grow the crops is filtered.

4.  Organic Food Is More Nutritious, Fresher and Tastes Better

Compared to ordinary produce, organic food is packed with nutrients – a healthy organic diet helps strengthen your body and provides you with more energy. Moreover many restaurants now use organic ingredients for their superior taste and serve them fresh because they are not filled with preservatives, which can compromise the overall nutrition of the produce.

5.  Careful, Some Foods Are Not As Safe As You Think

Did you know that there are more pesticides found in apples than any other fruit or vegetable? The Environmental Working Group has analyzed the amount of pesticide in conventionally grown fruits and vegetables and found that the following 12 fruits and vegetables have the highest average pesticide levels. Thinking of making the switch? Start by buying your fruits and veggies from Epermarket.

6.  “Organic” Does Not Just Refer to Fruits and Vegetables

You would be shocked to know how many kinds of foods contain pesticides. Farmed animals are often raised with dangerous chemicals, growth hormones and antibiotics, and are fed food doused in pesticides as well as many other unnatural compounds. All of these unsavory substances can end up in products such as milk, butter, yogurt, and cream. What’s more, meat, fish, and poultry can have up to 10 times the amount of these dangerous chemicals! Nasty, nasty stuff.

7.  Eating Organic Foods Is Safer For Babies and Children

Your child’s system is less developed and more vulnerable to the effects of pesticides, and unfortunately produce used in baby foods is often treated with chemicals. By feeding your child organic foods, you can greatly reduce their carcinogen intake and significantly help decrease their risk of future illnesses.

8.  Buying Organic Helps More Than Just Your Family

Pesticide drifts and water contamination are extremely common in ordinary agriculture, but the people most affected by pesticides are the poor souls who are exposed to it every day – the farmhands, their families, and anybody living close by. By going organic, you are not only taking care of yourself, you are also helping others to have better, healthier lives.

9.  Organic Farming Is Better For the Environment

Non-organic food usually costs less money, but there are hidden costs – such as the cost of demanding more from the earth than it can produce. Organic farming practices result in a better yield year after year, and promotes positive actions, such as water conservation, reducing soil erosion, and increasing soil fertility.

So treat yourself better: Eat organically, go green and support Green Eper, Epermarket’s green initiative.

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