Recent Food Entrepreneur of the Year nominees Andrew Hsu and Colin Smith of Napa Artisan Cooking held a soft opening party for their very first takeaway store on Chunxiu Lu, just north of the junction with Gongti Beilu and opposite the Tunsanli Mall.

The small storefront, which should be open within the next week or so, focuses on takeaway versions of their farm-to-table, healthy and organic dishes. They are working with Little Willow Farm for the majority of their produce, which is used in salad options such as a seasonal salad of strawberries and arugula, a Thai salad with Sriracha-glazed chicken, and a pumpkin salad with salted duck egg. Takeaway salads start at RMB 25 for one portion of salad, and RMB 20 for each additional salad.

They also have a range of hot comfort food dishes, such as a light green chicken curry, braised beef short ribs, and coq au vin.

I particularly love their warm salads, which come with separate little containers that you heat and mix into the organic salad leaves. Prices run around RMB 30-50 depending on the salad and portion size. The frisée salad with coddled egg and bacon vinaigrette is marvellously reminiscent of a fried breakfast salad.

Other new openings in and around that area include a new branch of Mr Shi's Dumplings on the strip just west of Sanlitun police station and, according to the ever well-informed Beijing Boyce, a bagel shop run by former staff from the now-closed Tavalin Bagels.

More unmissable dining events and promotions this week:

  • China World Hotel's Summer Palace restaurant is hosting Taiwanese chef Eddie Liu for a 10-day Taiwanese Food Promotion until March 30. Sample dishes such as steamed fish with preserved pineapple sauce and steamed mud crab with sticky rice.
  • Pinotage is getting ready for summer with an all-new South African braai (barbecue) menu that includes a vast selection of meats, seafood and vegetables with a range of special Pinotage marinades.
  • Get a chance to experience TRB's newly opened events and dining space Copper at Premium Finance Group's wine socializer on April 3.

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