Mr. Shi demands respect. He's "Mr." Shi. And now his dumplings have arrived in Sanlitun.

Now in soft opening on Beisanli, also known as between the Sanlitun Police Station and International Wonderland Street, which was formerly home to Two Guys and a Pie, Mr. Shi's Dumplings comes to Sanlitun after success on Baochao Hutong (and so far, less success with his noodles).

Mr. Shi's slightly foreignized menu features beef and cheese dumplings, and other varieties including chicken and corn. We had both pan-fried, although they are also available boiled. For a side we opted for da ban cai 大拌菜, chopped cabbage salad with bits of tofu. Warning: this is a properly spicy dish. People who don't like or aren't accustomed to eating spicy food will find this dish too spicy, so be sure to order accordingly. That said, it was extremely tasty, with obviously fresh ingredients and seemingly just a dash of vinegar on top.

We had pan-fried beef and cheese dumplings, and chicken and corn, the first on Mr. Shi's recommendation. Although the "cheeseburger" dumpling was delicious I wonder how this would taste boiled, probably works better fried the chicken and corn were better, interesting as chicken is not generally a popular jiaozi filling. Prices are fairly high: two plates of 12 dumplings each, the cabbage salad, a pot of tea and a small Tsingtao would normally run RMB 130.

The decor is Beijing basic. I'd say down-and-dirty but only in a no sense, and the place is certainly clean. The white walls are slowly being graffitied or otherwise artistically defaced by visitors. Clientele were a good mix of Sanlitun foreigners and laobaixing Chinese, including a family of five.

Expect this spot to get massive traffic once people realize that the popular dumpling pusher has opened in Sanlitun. Final operating hours have not yet been decided but Mr. Shi implies they will stay open somewhat late.

Mr Shi's Dumplings Sanlitun
Sanlitun Xijie (west of the Sanlitun Police Station), Chaoyang District (131 6100 3826)

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