It’s trophy time again. You, our readers, have cast your ballots in favor of your favorite restaurants in Beijing, and now we are most pleased to bring you a full list of the results and more. 

Our food obsession continues with our panel of experts, local food entrepreneurs, bloggers, and columnists who mention a whole lot of restaurants this editor has never heard of – which just goes to show how much there is to try in Beijing. Stuck as to where to find more authentic international flavors? We look at where expatriates from less-represented countries go for a taste of home.

This month we also put our life on the line, trying the most inexpensive lunches available at local convenience stores so that you never, ever have to, and infuse baijiu with various sugars, spice, and all things nice. Also so that you, reader, never, ever have to. 

Elsewhere in the issue, we talk to Nevin Domer, proprietor of Genjing Records, Beijing’s vinyl-only record label. There’s also our new art column because, why not? 

We hope you enjoy the April issue of the Beijinger. Congratulations to all of our 2015 Reader Restaurant Awards winners!

Image: the Beijinger

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