Leadership and Management Training: Best Practice Leadership:Using the LEA 360TM Self Report

8:45 AM - 5:00 PM, Wednesday, April 22, 2015 - AmCham China Conference Center

“Best Practice Leadership” will show you how to become a more effective leader by helping you to understand your own leadership style and how well it works in your particular leadership role. It uses a model of leadership based on the highly acclaimed Leadership Effectiveness Analysis 360 (LEA 360).

The LEA 360 goes beyond competencies. Instead it is a complex psychometric instrument which looks at leadership behaviors. These are referred to as leadership practices. There are 22 leadership practices arranged into six clusters. These are:

• Creating a vision
• Developing followers
• Implementing the vision
• Following through
• Achieving results
• Team playing

In this workshop you will use the LEA “self-report” only – but you can add observer reports after the workshop if you wish.

You will review your leadership profile using the LEA model and create your own Personal Development Plan.


By the end of the seminar you will be able to:
• Understand the strengths you bring to your leadership role
• Define the “best practice” profile for your role
• Assess leadership behaviors which may be reducing your effectiveness
• Shape a personal development plan for leadership growth

Who Should Attend
The seminar is designed for anyone with management or leadership experience, or for leadership trainers and executive coaches.

Course outline
1. Discussion – understand the 22 practices of the LEA model
2. Pair work – verify your “self” report
3. Group work – high score liabilities and low score assets
4. Horseshoe exercises – explore different leadership styles
5. Discussion – decide on “role requirements”
6. Group work – build a template for your personal development plan

Session 1: Challenges of 21st Century Leadership
1. Video clips showing a range of leaders and their styles
2. Review clips and discuss leadership styles
3. Discuss and receive expert comments on challenges of 21st century leadership

Learning points:
• Leadership can be defined by a list of practices which create a leadership style
• Different leaders have a particular leadership style
• There isn't one best way to lead – it depends on your industry, your position and your company culture
• Different countries have a distinct leadership style which reflects national culture

Session 2: Understanding Your Leadership Profile
1. Principles for interpreting your LEA profile
2. Verify your Self Report
3. Interpret your LEA profile
4. Pair work to Indentify low score potential assets and high score potential liabilities
5. Identify leadership practices of great leaders

Learning points:
• Leadership is all about behaviors – and you can learn new behaviors
• Every leader has a profile, which includes both high and low scores
• High scores may not necessarily be good – or low scores bad
• Your LEA profile will reveal some blind spots in your self-perception
• Understanding your blind spots is a key to your leadership development
• Your leadership behaviors have an effect on others – which determines your leadership effectiveness

Session 3: Creating Your Personal Development Plan
1. Coaching questions and skills to engage in a leadership development discussion
2. Pair work to decide on your “role requirements”
3. Identify three or more LEA practices most in need of development
4. Look forward to 360 feedback from observers
5. Decide on a Personal Development Plan
6. Create a detailed action plan for each targeted LEA practice

Learning points:
• The “ideal” leadership profile depends on your present leadership role – you need to discuss your “role expectations”
• A process of reflection helps to identify barriers which are often long-standing
• Coaching is the best way of moving forward with your development discussion
• To grow as a leader you have to commit to a Personal Development Plan
• Action plans need to be written in SMART format and linked to practical assignments
• Additional 360 data (from other observers) will add a great deal to your development as a leader

Session 4: Building Your Strategic Capability
1. Short article on Strategy
2. Review article and present the findings
3. Research review – LEA article “The Strategic Leader”
4. Pair work on coaching– assess your scores on strategy
5. The power of LEA 360 – discuss observer feedback using two cases.

Learning points:
• Leaders have to be competent with management tasks as well as leadership qualities;
• LEA research identifies “Strategic” as a key practice for effective leaders;
• Strategy means having a long term view and a systems thinking model of problem solving;
• Different countries have different profiles for leadership – understanding the differences increases cross-cultural cooperation.

Trainer: Robin Ball
BSc (Chinese Studies) MSc (HR Management) PgD (HRM)

Robin Ball will facilitate this seminar in English. Ball founded MDS in 1995 as a specialist supplier of leadership and sales development solutions. He manages a staff of 25 plus a team of more than 50 leadership trainers and executive coaches in Greater China and the Asia Pacific region. He is a master trainer for the LEA 360, SPA, MBTI and the FIRO, and works with top teams to improve the effectiveness of leadership and sales teams.

Coffee, lunch and light refreshments will be provided during breaks.

AmCham China Conference Center
No. 10 Jintongxi Road, The Office Park, Tower AB 6th Floor

8:45 - 9:00 - Registration
9:00 - 12:00 - Morning Session
12:00 - 1:00 - Lunch
1:00 - 5:00 - Afternoon Session

Cardholding members advanced discounted online price: RMB 3,800
Non-cardholding employees of member companies: RMB 3,800
Non-members: RMB 4,500

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