Mexican-Korean fusion restaurant Palms L.A. Kitchen recently took home multiple awards in our 2015 Reader Restaurant Awards (outstanding Korean and outstanding New (Non-Chinese) Restaurant) and it looks like the success was warranted, since we just heard they are opening a second location in the Sanyuanqiao area.

While we love the original location in Gulou, it is pretty tiny and we're happy to hear that the new location will boast two floors, including an enlarged bar and space for outside seating. We look forward to sipping one of their signature potent cocktails out there once they open around May time. 

Meanwhile, look for Palms' chef and founder Michael Tsai to takeover the kitchen at Slow Boat Brewery on April 6, their second event of this kind. Tickets are RMB 170 per person. Contact [email protected] for more information.

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Photos courtesy of Palms

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