This Sunday (Mar 22) the wheels on the bus will roll and rock back and forth as LOOP, the people behind the interactive bus map music app, and panbianr throw a conceptual live music experience on a bus. The bus will roll out of Andingmen and Wuluju subway stations beginning at 2pm and will return following each band or DJ to pick up and leave off passengers until 6pm.

Musicians participating include Vavabond, Hong Qile, Charm, Alpine Decline, and iimmune. There will also be some inspired song slinging from Compact Dicks and Cousin Kippy, whose musical curatorial skills go beyond that of most mortals. A pretty stacked lineup if you ask us. 

The cost to get on board will be the price of a bus ticket (RMB 2) and there will be 京A and other goodies available to take your loops and musical appreciation faculties on to new levels. Space is limited so make sure to come early or be prepared to sit with your tail between your legs eating jianbing on the station steps. On aboard!

Photos: LOOP,

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