Beijing’s enterprising food community is making it that much easier to cut supermarkets out of our lives (unless their products are stocked there, that is), with a range of home-grown products that have you covered for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We’ve compiled a list of the best craft food producers in town and where you can get hold of their wonderful products. 


Charlie’s Bacon (Kitchen Collective)
The joy of good bacon cannot be underestimated and that’s exactly what Kitchen Collective provide, their bacon dry cured and smoked in a hutong courtyard.
Get it: Deli de Luxe, Chez Gerard

Andy’s Craft Sausages
Andy’s sausages having made it onto the menu at XL Bar and Slow Boat, to name just a few. Sample flavors like Spicy Italian, Cheddar Bratwurst and Cajun Andouille (RMB 150/kg).
Get it: Order online or pick up from Andy’s soon-to-open Sanlitun deli space

Balmain Gourmet Sausages
Australian expat Drew grinds up brilliant bangers (RMB 70-100/500g) in traditional flavors like Lincolnshire Breakfast. He also makes pretty tasty burgers, perfect for summer barbecues.
Get it: Sign up to their weekly mailing list
[email protected]

Recette Tradition par Camille
French-Chinese foodie Camille Reynaud makes a range of traditional French-style pâtés, including our personal favorite, rillettes de porc (thinly shredded pork mixed with pork fat, RMB 50).
Get it: Farm to Neighbors or order by email
[email protected]


Le Fromager de Pekin
Le Fromager’s Liu Yang trained in Corsica and makes a range of French style cheeses, including renditions of Camembert and fromage blanc (from RMB 28).
Get it: April Gourmet, Chez Gerard, Beijing Organic Farmers’ Market (Country Fair)

Be Yogurt 
Started by a Czech expat, Be Yogurt (RMB 14.5) is made to a traditional recipe using a yogurt starter from the Czech Republic.
Get it: April Gourmet, Chez Gerard, Café Zarah
WeChat: BeYogurt比优格健康杂志


Two Guys and a Pie
After closing their Sanlitun storefront last year, Two Guys and A Pie returned with a brand new website for easy online ordering (pies from RMB 25).
Get it: Janes and Hooch, Sweet Tooth Bakery, Deli de Luxe

Big Bear
After winning The Hutong’s Cookie Monster Bake Off last year, Jon Ellis decided to take his passion for baking a step further with Big Bear Baked Goods. Don’t miss his signature Mud & Snow cookies.
Get it: The Corner Melt

Rager Pies
Delight dinner guests with Rager Pies’ homestyle take on the likes of pumpkin, pecan and apple pies (6-inch pies from RMB 60).
Get it: 10 Fensiting Hutong


Bonne Nani Fresh Fruit Jams
Caroline Nath makes fresh jams and chutneys in fusion flavors (RMB 80) using the freshest seasonal ingredients from the market nearby her home.
Get it: Farm to Neighbors
[email protected]

Parwaaz Spice Route Concepts 
Chef Reshma Khan makes seasonal fruit chutneys (RMB 80) with a touch of Indian spicing. We especially love her Korma curry paste.
Get it: Farm to Neighbors and various craft fairs around town
[email protected]

Miss Muesli
Miss Muesli mixes the best local and imported fruits, nuts and grains for their five pre-mixed mueslis (RMB 35) and granolas (RMB 45), or you can get creative and mix your own.
Get it: 42 Xiguan Hutong, Dongcheng District

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