Leadership and Management Training: Stepping up to Senior Management

8:45 AM, Wednesday, April 01, 2015 - 5:00 PM, Thursday, April 02, 2015 - AmCham China Conference Center

This course will be delivered in Chinese.

This two-day training is highly-targeted toward professionals looking to make a successful transition from a manager to a leader. You will reexamine your ways of working, establish your personal leadership style and learn how to energize your team.

Course Objectives
- Define the differences between senior management and operational management
- Adapt existing leadership skills to a more empowered and creative approach to leadership
- Develop your ability to think in visionary terms
- Motivate, manage and lead your team
- Deal more effectively and confidently with difficult situations or conflict
- Develop your team’s strengths
- Set objectives and manage performance in relation to the organization as a whole

Who Should Attend
This course will benefit those new to senior management or those with little formal training within their senior management role

Course Content
The Art of Effective Team Management and Leadership
Understand the role and characteristics of a successful leader
Recognizing and reviewing your personal style of leadership
Assessing key leadership skills

Business Management
Working and influencing across the organisation
Managing organisational politics
Long term business planning - taking a longer term perspective
Developing a broader outlook - thinking unconventionally

Building a Successful Team
Distinguish team roles and responsibilities
Create the ability to recognize and manage different personalities
Encourage mutual respect and cooperation within your team
Identify team strengths and development areas

People Management
Managing other managers: the new skills this role demands
Adapting existing leadership skills to a more empowered and creative approach to leadership
Creating an effective people management strategy
Directing versus managing people
Strategies for managing organizational talent

Overcoming People Problems and Difficult Situations
Dealing with difficult people and situations – working towards positive conclusions
Handling team conflict and developing positive working relationships
Supervising people you used to work alongside
A six-step technique for problem solving and decision making

Performance Management
A strategic view of performance management
Managing performance and setting objectives in relation to the organization as a whole
Creating a coaching culture within your organization

Trainer: Boren Jiang

Boren Jiang is ae Guest Professor from California State University, The United States National University MBA/DBA Degree Class and Beijing University CEO Class. He is the CEO and chief consultant of China Professional Green Card Network. Jiang was invited as the Senior Career Planning Expert for CCTV's Absolute Challenge, Choose, Job, etc. Jiang is the Founder of the CEO Thinking Business Coach Workshop. He used to work as the Sales General Manager, the Chief Representative of Beijing Branch Office and the Northern China Marketing Manager in the America Arrow Electronics Inc and the Intel Corporation.

Jiang is the Certificated Consultant and Trainer of the world famous Talent Evaluation Company (Britain RtCatch, the United States PDP, DISC and European Facet5).

Coffee, lunch and light refreshments will be provided during breaks.


此课程极具针对性, 符合高级管理人员的实际需要, 助您从管理者到领导者的成功转型.
在两天的培训中, 您将以全新的角度重新审视自己的工作方式, 并通过课上系列的领导实践分享, 先进理念引入和管理工具介绍重新建立您的个人领导魅力, 重新整合团队资源, 带领您的团队踏上更高的台阶!

 明确高级管理和操作性管理之间的区别
 结合现有的领导方式,形成更具创造和效能的领导方式
 提升你在愿景层次的思考能力
 激励,管理和领导团队
 更加高效和自信地应对纪律惩罚和冲突
 发展团队优势
 以公司整体视角,设定目标和管理绩效









姜博仁先生为美国加州州立大学博士课程班客座教授,美国民族大学MBA/DBA学位班客座教授及北京大学总裁班客座教授。 姜先生为中国职场绿卡网CEO兼首席顾问,并开创了5维10度连续职业生涯督导平台。CCTV《绝对挑战》、《选择》、《找工作》等节目特邀他作为资深职业规划专家。他也是CEO thinking商道教练坊的创始人。姜老师曾任职于美国艾睿电子公司和美国英特尔公司,担任中国大陆销售总经理兼北京分公司首席代表, 中国北区营销渠道经理。


AmCham China Conference Center
No. 10 Jintongxi Road, The Office Park, Tower AB 6th Floor

8:45 - 9:00 - Registration
9:00 - 12:00 - Morning Session
12:00 - 1:00 - Lunch
1:00 - 5:00 - Afternoon Session

Cardholding members advanced discounted online price: RMB 4,980
Non-cardholding employees of member companies: RMB 4,980
Non-members: RMB 5,500

Special Registration Information:

• You must register in advance. Walk-ins will not be accepted. 
• Attendees need to pay by March 25th. 
• Limited spots are available and attendance is given on a first-come, first-served basis.

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