Two Beijing universities are becoming more prestigious even as other Chinese institutions are losing esteem, according to a survey released by the Times Higher Education (THE) on March 11. The poll, dubbed the World Reputation Rankings (whose findings are based on nearly 10,000 responses from 142 countries), placed Tsinghua at 26th in the world's top 100 universities, a considerable jump from its 36th position last year. Peking University, known colloquially as Beida, has ascended to 32nd from its previous ranking of 43rd.

Other Chinese institutions did not fare so well. China Daily reports that The University of Hong Kong fell from 43rd to the 51-60 bracket, while the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology fell to the 71-80 bracket. The National Taiwan University was also ranked lower this year, in the 61-70 bracket. The poll's top Asian institution was the University of Tokyo, which placed 12th (compared to 11th last year).

While Tsinghua and Beida may be celebrating improved rankings, overall the poll showed that China and its capital are still at a considerable distance from the upper tier.

US and UK universities dominated all top ten positions. The US also had the highest number of institutions on the list, at 43 while the UK trailed behind at a distant second with 12. Germany followed that with six.

The US also held the coveted number one spot in the rankings, with Harvard University being named "the world’s most prestigious university." The University of Oxford came in second.

However, Chinese news site China News quoted THE Rankings Editor Phil Baty as saying, “This is a strong performance by China. Its two leading institutions have made gains in the reputation rankings, reflecting the country’s commitment to developing world-class universities."

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