Beijing’s scientists are pretty cool.

Researchers from Tsinghua University are working on building a real-life terminator, Empire State Tribune reports. The research they are doing will mean the innovation of the first liquid metal shape shifting robot as it will have the ability to power itself and shape shift.

Scientists based part of their discovery on the amazing finding that when a single drop of galinstan, an alloy derived from gallium possessing a melting point of 85.57 degrees Fahrenheit, is mixed with a sodium hydroxide solution along with a aluminum flake used as fuel, the liquid metal can generate its own movement for around 30 minutes.

Basically, pretty soon Beijing will just consist of Terminator-like robots running around replacing your kuaidi delivery man, and instead of spending money on fighting pollution, Terminator farts will probably contribute more to the AQI.

Another awesome thing that Beijing scientists are doing at the Research Center of Materials Science at the Beijing Institute of Technology, according to Trak, is a material created using raw silk that can replace graphite in the lithium ion batteries we use today.

The reason that this will work is that some of the particles of which silk is made have strong natural electro-magnetic storage power.

Apparently these batteries will be able to last five times longer, for in your phone (imagine, and iPhone that lasts nearly a whole day instead of 2-3 hours!), your car (aka Chinese-style e-bike), and your watch.

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