With two competing literary festivals happening in Beijing this month at The Bookworm and Capital M, the city is so literally bursting with amazing events to the point that the use of thesauruses have become irrelevant, and similes redundant.

Got your smoking jacket with the elbow patches? Need to find the inspiration to finally write that amazing novel you've been meaning to start? Got the "write stuff"? Here is a list of don't-miss events to help keep you engaged with this amazing community of international and local writers.

Listed in chronological order:

Global Science-Fiction MAR 11
Mexican author and graphic artist BEF, Swedish-Indian novelist Zac O’Yeah, and Chinese science-fiction champion Ling Chen talk about how sci-fi is changing and becoming more of a unifying, global genre. RMB 65. 8pm. The Bookworm

The Rice Paper Diaries MAR 12
Francesca Rhydderch talks about her debut novel, The Rice Paper Diaries, with Alexandra Büchler, Director of Literature Across Frontiers. RMB 65. 1pm. Colibri Cafe.

DeCoded: Mai Jia in Conversation MAR 13
The former People’s Liberation Army telecommunications and propagandist specialist turned best-selling novelist, Mai Jia, talks about his novel Decoded, a gripping spy thriller, whose English translation will be released this March. RMB 80. 6pm. The Bookworm.

Translation Slam MAR 14
Two translators will be dissecting the nuances of translation in a free-form battle of skill and wits. This year's challenge will be to translate the lyrics of Tibetan folk band, Neemah, whose Chinese lyrics merge rap with traditional Tibetan folk and religious music. RMB 65. 8 pm. The Bookworm

Christopher Doyle: Words to Images - Translating Fiction to Film MAR 16
The renowned cinematographer of In the Mood for Love and Chungking Express dips into his own oeuvre to talk about the process of translating fiction to film RMB 75. 5pm. Capital M.

Blogging China MAR 18
Due to the high demand for this discussion, this event has been moved to The Bookworm. Beijing Cream co-founder Anthony Tao gathers China bloggers from across the web to discuss the ins and outs of blogging China news, from the serious to the quirky, including protests, expat rivalries, and Chen Guangbiao's bombastic business cards. RMB 65. 8 pm. The Bookworm.

Sjon In Conversation MAR 18
Iceland’s multi-talented and prolific novelist, poet and songwriter discusses the inspiration he draws from traditional folk tales, the importance of the magical and surreal in contemporary literature and his experiences collaborating with Bjork in music and film. RMB 80. 6pm. The Bookworm.

300 Shots Derek Sandhaus on Baijiu MAR 19
Derek Sandhaus is a scholar and a gentleman with a golden tongue for baijiu. Come prepared to get inebriated in the proper, dignified way. RMB 80. 6pm. The Opposite House.

Benjamin Law: Gaysia MAR 23
From Thai ladyboys to Tokyo drag queens, the use of Indian yoga to cure homosexuality and Malaysian reformed gay Christian fundamentalists, Benjamin Law charts an entertaining, and moving, guide to the vastly different experiences of being gay in Asia. RMB 75. 1pm. Capital M.

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