Beijing United Family Hospital currently has two patients in the ICU who are in critical need of two types of Rh negative blood (Rh negative A and Rh negative O). These types of blood are rare in China. While the hospital carries a supply of Rh negative blood, these patients will require more. The Tongzhou Blood Center (通州血站互献血点), which is in partnership with BJU for all its hospital blood drives, is working with Beijing United Family Hospital for donation.

If you have this type of blood and wish to donate, or know someone who is able to make a donation, please go to the Tongzhou Blood Center collection site at the South Gate of Chaoyang Park. They provide English service. The Tongzhou Blood Center will give Beijing United Family Hospital blood based on their needs.

At this time, donors cannot donate blood directly at BJU.

To see if you fit the donor criteria in China, or more information, please contact Patient Services at (010) 5927 7350 or email [email protected].

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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