Ladies (or gentlemen), have you ever had a great meal in a restaurant and just felt like it was missing something? Was it, perhaps, missing a shirtless Brazilian man? Well, today is your lucky day because according to a recent Global Times article, a number of Beijing restaurants have taken to hiring male models in a bid to attract more female customers. 

Caoguo Hot Pot, located near Wangjing Qiao, has Brazilian, British, and American models on its books, who on any given night might be seen flirting with female customers or even sweeping a lady up into their arms for a photo op. And "photo op" (aka promotional opportunity) seems to me to be the main aim here, despite the Global Times' assertion that it is a strategy to take advantage of China's increasingly financially independent female market. An interviewee in the piece also suggests that the sexy staff are a sign of growing respect/recognition of female sexuality in China, which can only be a good thing in my mind. 

Another restaurant taking advantage of its more attractive staff is Nine Road Pizza in Solana, a Korean import that regularly sees queues out of the door. Nine Road have not only imported their menu and concept, they have also imported their best looking staff, capitalizing on the popularity of handsome Korean actors and pop stars in China.

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