Although China netted more spots than any other country in this year's Asia's 50 Best Restaurants List released Wednesday, Beijing once again failed to make the cut

Seventeen venues from greater China made the list, with Hong Kong and Shanghai taking the bulk, while Hangzhou, Taichung and Macao each had a venue on the list.

Hell, even Colombo, New Delhi, Mumbai, Siem Reap and Tagaytay (in the Philippines) made the list, but not one Beijing venue scratched the Top 50?

We've been tracking the outcome of this list every year (see 2014 and 2013 snubs) and and every year once again we are surprised that not even one Beijing restaurant made it. One theory is Singaporeans who don't venture to Beijing often enough dominate the panel that selects the awards, but that's just a theory.

Looking at some of the names on this list Ultraviolet, Nahm, Sukiyabashi Jiro it's true that we have a way to reach such lofty standards of cuisine and innovation, but there are still many venues worthy of praise. Yes, there's TRB, but what about places like Transit that are doing beautiful things with regional Chinese food in beautiful settings?

The Daily Meal in 2014 had three Beijing venues in their Asia Top 50 TRB (#37), Duck de Chine (#23), and Dali Courtyard (#17), not to mention another four Beijing spots in the Top 101: Three Guizhou Men (#76), My Humble House (#67), Okra (#65), and Green T House (#56).

With service standards and food quality/safety (or at least the amount of attention paid to it) slowly but steadily improving, it's only a matter of time before more Beijing restaurants make it on to the list.

The top ranking China restaurant on the list is Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet in Shanghai at number three, followed by Hong Kong's Amber (number six) and 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana (number eight) also in the top 10.

A breakdown of the number of restaurants by country:

Singapore 10
Hong Kong, China 9
Tokyo, Japan 7
Bangkok, Thailand 5
Shanghai, China 5
Colombo, Sri Lanka 2
New Delhi, India 2
Seoul, Korea 2
Hangzhou, China 1
Macau, China 1
Mumbai, India 1
Osaka, Japan 1
Seoul, South Korea 1
Siem Reap, Cambodia 1
Tagaytay, Philippines 1
Taichung, Taiwan 1

Meanwhile, stay tuned for the imminent release of our 2015 Reader Restaurant Awards, where we'll make the case for more of Beijing's best to be included on future lists.

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Full disclosure: The author was previously employed by Transit Restaurant.

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