While many of you are probably as heartbroken as us about the cancellation of Boris, there are still loads of opportunities to thrash to some live music during this year's JUE Fest. Here's everything live, loud, and lush going on over the next ten days.

Mar 12: Gulou Double Decker #2
Get over to the 206 compound for a double dose of madness at two of Beijing’s most notorious live music institutions. This is the second edition of the Gulou Double Decker, a burgeoning series that features a fierce combo of live electronic, dirty rock, and crusty DJs. You will get absolutely creamed by this epic line up of local and international acts. The Temple line up includes local punks Gum Bleed, interstellar psych from Solaris, wall of fuzz from Death Narcissus, and new waves from DiD. Make sure to catch HVAD from Denmark (next level stuff!), along with a lengthy list of cool cats doing mental electronics till it’s time to break your fast come morning. 10pm. Dada (RMB 30), Temple (free)

Mar 13: JUE | Music + Art x Genjing Records: Primitive Calculators
Thrash to the sounds of Primitive Calculators, one of Australia's most innovative punk groups from the 80’s. Long defunct, this group has remerged with new recordings including a split with Shanghai’s Torturing Nurse, hot off the press release from Genjing Records. Pick it up at the show and experience a socially perverted display of imploding punk bliss, with support from Birdstriking and SUBS. 8pm. RMB 80, RMB 60 (student) 

Mar 14: The Hutong Yellow Weasels Release Party
These American folk music chickens have come home to roost, and with a new album of their down home countrified melodies for your listening pleasure. Check them out this Saturday at Jianghu, where they will give you a hoedown you can’t refuse. Trained in the art of banjo, fiddle, upright base, and finger picking good guitar, they will also be schooling the crowd in some traditional dances to complete the experience. 9.30pm. RMB 100 (includes the new album)

Mar 20: JUE | Music + Art Presents Emilie Simon
Welcome Emilie Simon to Beijing as she prepares an elegant set designed to send you to pop utopias beyond your imagination. Her sound is a lush mix of electronic textures and pixie vocals that’s hard not to swoon over. 8:30pm. RMB 180, RMB 150 (advance)

Mar 21: JUE | Music + Art: Yozoh
Something sweet comes your way this March. With her cloud like upbeat music and saccharine voice, it’s hard not to let your cares melt away when South Korean singer-songwriter Yozoh steps on stage. As one of the most remarkable indie-pop musicians coming out of South Korea today, JUE looks forward to presenting Yozoh to Beijing and Shanghai audiences. 8.30pm. RMB 180, RMB 120 (advance)

Mar 22: LOOP Beijing x JUE Closing Party}
On the closing day of JUE festival, hop on the Line 3 BRT bus with LOOP Beijing, for a ride to remember. Local favorites Alpine Decline, Charm, Zhang Shouwang, Cousin Kippy, and Compact Dicks will be blasting raw tunes, while Jing A serves up a little of their JUE brew while cruising through North central Beijing. Hop on or off anytime, all you have to do is pay the normal fare (RMB 2) and unleash your freak on the public transit system. 2-8pm. Free

Photos: Split Works

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