A Hong Kong Airlines flight on route between Hong Kong and Beijing was forced to make an emergency landing in Wuhan yesterday following reports of a bomb threat, SCMP reports.

Hong Kong Airlines flight HX337 departed Beijing at around 12.08pm and landed in Wuhan about 180 minutes into the journey at Wuhan Tianhe Airport. Shortly following its emergency landing, a Hong Kong Airlines representative made a statement that there was a “suspected bomb threat.”

Several fire engines and other emergency vehicles were on standby at Wuhan Tianhe Airport but luckily not required. Xinhua News Agency has since reported that the bomb threat was fake, and there was in fact no bomb onboard upon thoroughly searching the airplane.

The incident comes at a time when Beijing is on high alert anyway, as the National People’s Congress sessions have been ongoing in the capital. Earlier this week, an especially set-up check point in Beijing had to deal with a "high-speed" car chase.

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