Red Bull’s Paper Wings competition has finally arrived in China, and they are now taking applications. It’s free to sign up, and easy, all you need to compete is a piece of A4 paper, and the mind-boggling ability to manipulate aerodynamics in order to create the best paper airplane ever. Here's some inspiration from John 'The Paper Airplane Guy' Collins:

Dates for Beijing qualifying rounds are coming up soon: March 29 at Beijing Sports University, April 4 at Renmin University, and April 5 at Beijing Air and Space University. All you have to do to sign up for these sessions is register on the website indicating when and where you’d like to attend a qualifying session, and what category you’d like to compete in: longest distance flown, longest airtime, and most creative aeronautics. The winner of each of the three categories gets sent to Austria to represent China and compete the international finals.

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