The upcoming Bookworm Literary Festival always leaves people dreaming about becoming famous authors, and publishing that autobiographical novel about their painful experience of living in China (or drunken debauchery).

Now there are no more excuses, as Beijing-based Fiberead makes it easier for foreign language writers to publish in the Chinese e-book market, Tech Crunch writes. Their platform consists of authors, editors, and translators. Authors add their titles, editors choose the ones they like, and translators then apply to work together with the author until the book is translated to be published and marketed.

Their platform currently boasts 200 titles and 100 authors, with 33 titles having made it onto other distribution channels including, Alibaba,, Dangdang, NetEase, Baidu, and iBooks.

The Chinese e-book market is worth USD 20 billion, and thus provide a huge potential market for publishers and authors alike. This shouldn’t surprise anyone who has taken the subway or bus recently, everyone who is not playing a game is reading some kind of online text. Tech Crunch writes that there is not only demand for Chinese authors’ work, but also a “strong interest in works by foreign authors, but the traditional publishing industry can’t keep up with reader demand.”

Working with 300 qualified translators means that Fiberead is able to get a book translated and on the market in between two and three months – most authors outside of China will never get access to the Chinese market due to cost of translation.

Perhaps this is the time to submit that book you’ve been writing, and earn that extra cash. Thirty percent of the money earned by a book will go to authors, 40 percent to translators and editors. The rest will be kept by Fiberead, which does not charge a down payment upon receipt of your work.

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