Job hunting is a daunting process. Every week there are hundreds of new postings in our Classifieds Section with job descriptions that range from education, to business, to design, and more. In a growing city like Beijing it's a sure thing that there's something out there perfect for you, but trying to weed it out is quite the challenge. That's why we hope to highlight some of the classifieds that are a little different from the norm and may push your career in a completely new and exciting direction. Below are some positions you might be interested in:

Bilingual Expat Bar Tender
Fubar Live House is reinventing itself and needs a few snazzy bilingual folks to man the decks behind their bar. If you can shake a few words together in both Chinese and English while mixing a few cocktails give them a call now.

Barista (Full and Part-time)
Un Livre, a cute little French vibed café north from The Place are seeking active baristas for both full and part time shifts. If coffee culture is your thing send them an email or call them.

Design Coffee Packaging
A short turn around project needs your eye for detail designing their new coffee range. Good for someone who is well versed in Adobe and needs a side project as inspiration. 

Double's Needed for Foreign Actors
Simply put, if someone has ever said "hey you look like Matt Damooon" or Pedro Pascal, or that Green Goblin guy (Willem Dafoe) then submit your physique and character profile to these guys.

Run an eBay Store
Join a company with 200 family-like employees and work in a fast-paced, interesting business environment as you helm their newest e-commerce venture. Bilingual skills are necessary.

Fashion Sales and Marketing
In-house training about stone and jewel knowledge is offered but you'll need to bring your pleasant personality and administrative and social media skills to apply for this job.

Marketing Manager (Strategic/PR)
If key phrases like 'social media relations', 'brand event strategies', and 'design communication' get you excited, and you have a degree in business or marketing, follow through and see what's on offer at this prestigious position.

English Editor for Online Travel Platform
If travelling around Asia is one of your passions, and writing about your adventures is another, then Asiacation's position might be for you. Organic content generation and top-notch editing skills are desired, along with a good sense of social media navigation.

Key Account Manager
Based in Hunan Province this company is looking for a tech-savvy person who can help manage their growing wholesale clients profile as they expand into Europe and South America. Regular cross-country and international travel is a huge perk of this title.

... Best of luck of your new jawb!

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