Date: Mar 10th 2014 10:33a.m.
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Visual Arts Class at Atelier

The Student: Léa Boucher, 14

The Verdict: “A great place for art lovers”  

Perfect For: Kids ages 4 and up  

An Atelier class typically consists of working on a project, whether starting a new one or continuing to work on a piece you've already started.

The students get help and feedback on their work and continue their projects for most of the two-hour class. The teacher, Sophie, is a woman who loves working with visual arts and is well versed in the subject, knowing different forms and techniques used in art. She helps the small group of students, giving advice on what students should do to improve their drawing, painting, print or sculpture.

Sophie proposes different and new methods of working on the task at hand so as to widen our knowledge in that field and so we know how to improve in that area if we were to do something similar again.

She also exposes students to different media when specific tools are available. Examples of projects we have worked on or are working on now are lino printing, sculpting and painting with acrylics or watercolors.

A project I have greatly enjoyed working on when I first started the workshop was my dotwork piece, in which I tried to imitate the technique of Virgil Finlay. It was the form of a woman emerging from the darkness, her back to the viewer, an arm reaching out to a miniscule man to the right of the viewer who was standing on a ledge over waves of ink. I created all of this with India ink, paintbrushes and my beautiful set of Rotring pens.

My favorite part of the class is how I can work on art pieces outside of school. Here, I can ask ...

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