Beijing’s Tianning Bridge was subject to an awkward and elongated, as well as unnecessary, failed escape at one of the many police check points yesterday afternoon.

A second-hand car driver who had not yet registered his changing license plate tried to steer clear of a police check point, but did so rather miraculously. The video shows him literally having nowhere to go, yet trying really hard to escape as he wriggles about in the tiny space trying to intimidate the police officers who literally have enough time to record his license plate number a thousand times.

We won’t spoil the rest for you, so do check out the video (the best bit is the end) his road rage will literally drive you, or him, up the wall. Thankfully this manic driver is now in police custody following an hour-long chase through Fuxingmen.

Check the video out on Tudou.

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Photo: Tudou

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