This year our 2015 Reader Restaurant Awards have four personality-based categories: Best Chef, Best Manager, Restaurant Personality of the Year, and Food Entrepreneur of the Year. During the voting period that runs through March 8, we’re profiling a few of this year’s nominees.

This time around we present Jimi Sides, owner and operator of The Corner Melt, who has been nominated for Restaurant Personality of the Year.

TBJ: Give us a little background about yourself.
Beijing has been my home for over six years, but I was born and raised in the Midwest. I'm a Minnesota man, through and through.

TBJ: Have you always been this charming?
Probably not. I was raised by my mom, though, who made me take part in activities like leadership camp. I owe it all to her! She made me the man I am today.

TBJ: What does Beijing need to become a more personable city?
Beijing is an acquired taste, but I've found it endearing enough to stay here for over half a decade. Big cities tend to be somewhat alienating by nature – and the sheer size of Beijing makes it easy to be anonymous. That's why I wanted The Melt to be the sort of place where you can feel like family. A little refuge in a big city.

TBJ: If you could host anyone, alive or dead, at your restaurant, who would it be and why?
I would love for my grandma to eat here! She's in her late 80s and still alive and kicking, but unable to travel. Most of the recipes I use at The Melt are based on hers, and I actually picked up the family cookbook for more inspiration when I was last in Minnesota.

TBJ: Tell us about one of your favorite places to eat in Beijing, aside from your own.
There's a little Korean place on Andingmennei that I frequent pretty often. They put a slice of processed cheese on top of a bowl of instant ramen that's a winner. I also love Punk Rock Noodles aka Noodle Inn off of Gulou Dongdajie. Solid bowl of noodles right there. LA Palms is another favorite for the Korean tacos – it's all about the hard shell! And the cheesy bibimbap.

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Photo courtesy of Jimi Sides

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