The Kerry Hotel has invited renowned Vietnamese Chef Quan, who is currently working at the Shangri-La Hotel in Dubai, to cook up a Vietnamese tropical-style storm from today (Mar 5) until March 15 at their special 'Colorful Flavors of Modern Vietnam' promotion, as part of Kerry Kitchen's daily buffet.

On top of the usual delicious international fare think of traditional Vietnamese dishes ranging from fresh and tangy cold starters (Vietnamese crab meat salad, spicy seafood salad, for example) to hot delights such as curried lobster and scallops, crispy chicken spring rolls with sweet chili, crispy coconut prawns, and of course, a fresh pho station where you can top off your steamy Vietnamese noodle broth with as much chili and as many beansprouts as you wish.

As if those dishes weren't enough to leave you longing for summer at a Vietnamese beach, there is also a Vietnamese dessert section with a delicate mango soup with coconut milk, as well as a sticky rice with mango option.

The special buffet is available at lunch for RMB 238 (plus service charge) between 11.30am and 2.30pm and at dinner between 6.30 and 10.30pm for RMB 288 (plus service charge).

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Photos courtesy of the Kerry Hotel

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