Date: Mar 7th 2014 2:35p.m.
Contributed by: ericakatemartin

ElHann.H is a four-month-old brand of beautifully-made men’s shoes by Fabien Lebourcq and Nicolas H., two young Frenchmen based in Shanghai. Formed from buttery soft leather or velvety suede, the “sports-chic” sneakers (RMB1,800-2,400) have an elegant and aerodynamic shape that isn’t as bulky as a basketball sneaker, but can still be used for exercise.


The four designs vary from low-top to high-top to a combat-boot-like shape, and the palette is mostly neutral with a few wilder tones like electric purple and sumptuous brick red. Grab a pair at A Gallery Men’s Clothing, which has three locations around the city.




Guys of Shanghai, where do you find your freshest kicks?

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