A sly, seductive curve of flesh greets you as you step towards the bathroom. Tracing the graceful nude spine upwards you are met with piercing black, soulless eyes. And feathers. An anthropomorphic menagerie of portraits featuring a naked dove, a wolf in a billowing ball gown, and a high-ranking monkey in full dress uniform, among others, grace the walls of Ritan’s newest watering hole, The Foxhole.

The sleek, darkened interior, akin to a fancy cigar box with its wooden clad interior and tight, one room compactness, makes transitioning into an after work hours vibe that much easier, though their overly plush seats will also do the trick. Dig into the complimentary Japanese spiced bar mix while you flick through the rolling Scottish tongues of fermented grains.

Highland, Lowland, and Islay are the keywords for much of their whiskey-laden menu, though blended malts and further afield flavors such as Japanese whiskey also make a prominent stand. The Bruichladdich Port Charlotte (RMB 80) was heavily peated, with a nose that reminded us of frostbitten winters and left a sweet aftertaste similar to vanilla. The Auchentoshan Three Wood (RMB 110) started with juicy bursts of springtime fruits that rolled into a slight cinnamon spice on the tongue. Lastly, the Tobermory 10 Year (RMB 70) led one to imagine that after downing the heavily smoky, slightly peppered amber liquid a rousing arm wrestle between cigar toting, potbellied gents could be happening right in front of you.

While no cocktails are printed yet, the dapper staff were quick to reassure us that they can deliver some of the finest standard drinks around, so if one person in your company doesn’t particularly enjoy the swill of moonshine they won’t feel perturbed inside this classy whiskey haven.

The Foxhole
Daily 5pm-2am. 4 Ritan Beilu, Chaoyang District (8563 5026)
1km southwest of Dongdaqiao (Line 2)

Photo: Uni

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