A bunch of gimcrackery has passed through the Classifieds section today (not that I spent a good hour going through them or anything) but this guy needs a shout out because he really deserves a little bit of bloggin’/lovin’/footsie/a warning …

Andriac2000 not only has an arm wrestling fetish, but also a footsie fetish, clearly visible from his posts below.

"If you've brave enough contact me we can have a talk on skype or wechat" we didn't realize Skype and WeChat now have arm wrestling options? Unless he is planning to wrestle a different kind of arm on camera for his poor victim.

We’re not sure whether he is genuinely into one or both these two festishes, or whether he is just a sexist creeper who wants to prove they are stronger than a random woman he found on the Beijinger. Or whether he is taking the piss. One thing is certain though, Wudaokou just got a whole fifty shades less safe.

Anyway, if you’ve got strong feet or arms, are bored, and do not mind picking up a new overcompensating friend, you should add him on WeChat. But don't though, we don't want to be responsible for what happens as a result.

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Photo: Dieselcrew

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