This year our 2015 Reader Restaurant Awards have four personality-based categories: Best Chef, Best Manager, Restaurant Personality of the Year, and Food Entrepreneur of the Year. During the voting period that runs through March 8, we’re profiling a few of this year’s crop of nominees.

This time around we present Kin Hong, owner, chef, and famed “Dude” at The Taco Bar, who has been nominated for Best Chef and Restaurant Personality of the Year.

TBJ: Tell us how about how you got to where you are today.
I literally failed at everything else. F&B is the only industry that’s able to tolerate me.

TBJ: What dishes are you most proud of?
I think our avocados are pretty good.

TBJ: Tell us about your biggest kitchen disaster.
That’s tough. Everyday is pretty much a disaster. That’s what I love about working in restaurants. Nothing ever fazes you after a while.

TBJ: How do you feel that Beijing rates on the scale of international dining destinations?
Beijing is an international dining destination? I thought everyone here was all about visiting The Wall or making a dollar. And it doesn't help that Beijing duck is totally misrepresented. Everyone talks about the skin, the the meat, the pancake, the sauce. Who cares? Wha'chu know bout that deep fried duck carcass? I bet you fools been been getting that silly-ass duck and cabbage soup.

TBJ: Tell us about one of your favorite places to eat in Beijing, aside from your own.
Honestly? I don't eat out out that much. My favorite thing to eat when I'm off or hungover is Annie's. The cheese pizza. Chicken tortellini. Annie’s salad. This trifecta is on point. Oh, and I can't forget to give a shoutout to Netflix. That helps make the dining experience so much better.

TBJ: Have you always been this charming?
Charming? What is this nomination for? I think you have me confused with someone else. Do you mean have I always been this drunk?

TBJ: What does Beijing need to become a more personable city?
Better air quality. It helps to be more personable when you can see the other person.

TBJ: If you could host anyone, alive or dead, at your restaurant, who would it be and why?  
Oprah, probably. She always puts free sh*t under your seat.

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Photo courtesy of Kin Hong

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