Tickets for the Bookworm Literary Festival are now on sale, and they can run out fast, so get your tickets at The Bookworm.

The festival runs between March 13 and March 29, and celebrates literature and ideas from China and beyond. This year’s events will connect you to more than 110 Chinese and international writers and thinkers.

These are some of our top picks:

March 14 - Jonathan Fenby, author of History of Modern China, analyzes Xi Jinping's growing power and how he is using it. RMB 80. 10am.

March 15 - Elisabeth Lund Engebretsen, Popo Fan, Shou Juan, and James Yang discuss Chinese queer writing and film making. RMB 80. 4pm.

March 18 - Radhika Jha, author of five books including My Beautiful Shadow, discusses her writing. RMB 60. 8pm.

March 19 - Paul Anderson, author of Moscow Gold? The Soviet Union and the British Left, discusses the history of communism in the Uk through its relationship with and perspective on the Soviet Union. RMB 60. 1pm.

March 22 - Sheng Keyi discusses her new book Death Fugue, named after a poem by Paul Celan about Nazi concentration camps focusing on historical events in China. RMB 80. 4pm.

If you have any more questions, you can contact the organizers at [email protected].

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