Wagas’ sandwiches are not only light and nutrient rich— they’re also symptomatic of a new era for sandwiches in Beijing's dining scene.

It seems only a few years ago that Beijing’s sandwich options were limited to Subway and a few other rather ordinary options. But taking a look at the nominees in the “Best Sandwiches” category of this year's Reader Restaurant Awards [vote here through Mar 8] shows you how spoiled for choice we've become:

Wagas' Chicken Sandwich (RMB50) may be the tastiest entry in this Shanghai import's sandwich arena. Foodies craving palate-exploding experimentalism or “off the vine” freshness may walk away from Wagas with slight disappointment, but the tenderly flaky chicken sandwich showcases the restaurant’s command of the basics: a tasty, unfussy mix of white poultry, bacon bits and avocado leaves bound together with sumptuous tomato salad, striking the elusive balance between lightly enriching and satisfyingly filling.

Similar attributes can also be found in the restaurant’s Smoked Salmon (RMB52), Ham and Egg (RMB52), and Tuna Jalapeño Salad (RMB48) sandwiches. More carniverous diners might prefer the restaurant’s Roast Beef sandwich (RMB55), served with gherkin and flavourful Gouda cheese. Bread options include sunflower and grain, olive ciabatta and, best of all, the crunchy-yet-chewy walnut and rye (which also earned this restaurant a nomination in our “Best Bread” category). The bread, by the way, can be purchased by the loaf for making your own sandwiches at home.


Wagas is also beloved for its salads, which showcase the kind of creativity that its sandwiches lack. Chief among these offerings are the Thai Salad, which features beef slices and coriander, and a sweet chicken mango served with lemon honey mustard and avocado. But, once again, the restaurant’s standout may be its relatively no-frills options, in this case the Tuna Nicoise, which boasts slices of bulbous eggs and tender tuna flakes that will satisfy any fans of leafy greens.

Meanwhile, the restaurant’s simple breakfast options— especially its Porridge with Banana, Cinnamon and Honey (RMB35), its Pesto Scrambled Eggs (RMB50) and its assortment of yogurt, fruits, muffins and granola— helped it nab a nomination for our “Best Breakfast” award.

Wagas' menu is rounded out with a few indulgences like the new Tiramisu Latte (RMB38), which is caffeinated enough to give diners an energy jolt, while still avoiding the overt sugariness that bogs down many such beverages. These strengths also apply to the eatery’s desserts, especially the generously portioned Carrot Cake (RMB18), which boasts custardy icing that is just sweet enough to be tantalising, and won’t leave patrons feeling gluttonous.

Together these options amount to a balanced, no frills, well rounded menu with more than a few treats for anyone hankering for healthy fare— and more than a few advantages as Wagas vies for votes in our 2015 Reader Restaurant Awards.

Wagas' Salintun is open for the duration of Chinese New Year:

Wagas Sanlitun
S8-33, 3F, No.8 building, Taikoo Li South, 19 South Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang district
Today open 10am- 5pm
Feb. 19 and 20, 10am- 8pm
After that back to regular hours

Wagas Kerry Center
109, Beijing Kerry Centre, 1 Guanghua Lu
Open Today 10am- 3pm
Closed until Feb. 24
Feb. 24 open 10am- 3pm
After that back to regular hours

Images: Kyle Mullin

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