The holiday is now upon us. The Beijinger has written quite a bit on how to enjoy it, so here is a complete collection of what to do, where to do it, and how. 新年快乐! 万事如意! (Happy New Year from the Beijinger!)

Anybody Home? Where You Can Still Dine Out During Spring Festival Even feasting on jiaozi gets a bit old after a few days. Here's a list of restaurants that will be open during the holiday period.

Chinese New Year Hongbao and Gift-Giving Etiquette For all your family visits, business interactions, and other social obligations, here's how to do the right thing during Spring Festival.

Let’s Get Cracking: Where to Buy Fireworks 'Tis the season for public explosions. Here is your guide to where to buy the good stuff. Please, please be careful.

Word! The Stories Behind Seven Common Spring Festival Foods When you're stuck around the Chun Jie dinner table, knowing the meaning behind these traditional foods can break the ice or at least increase enjoyment of them.

Get It Right! Spring Festival Holiday Dates For that moment a few days from now when you ask yourself, "Do we go back to work tomorrow?"

Visit: Beijing’s Best Temple Fairs this Spring Festival For daytime amusement, hit the temple fairs. Definitely something to do if you have visitors from out of town during Spring Festival, as there isn't so much to do until the latter days of the holiday.


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