Migas Restaurant teamed up with food importer and supplier Jiarui to hold a two hour talk and tasting session on beef on February 12. 

Starting in the weeks after the Spring Festival break, for the first time Migas will bring in non-frozen beef from Chile and Argentina - most of the fresh beef available in China currently comes from Australia. Migas will be using their existing connections in Argentina to bring in the beef directly and in the future will be working with Jiarui for distribution.

After a brief talk on the farms in Chile and Argentina, covering raising and feeding methods, and the different beef grading standards used around the world, chef Aitor Olabegoya led a tasting of different cuts of Australian beef, including aged cuts and a comparison of Angus vs. Wagyu.  

We will say this: if the Australian beef is already this good, we can't wait to see what they're going to do with the Argentinian beef.

Also starting sometime in April will be Migas' collaboration with Traitor Zhou's, which will see them set up a deli in the glass room just to the left inside the Migas entrance. We got a taste of the kind of food that will be available, with a delicious roast beef bagel, the beef cooked "al pastor" style on a rotating grill and served on a deliciously chewy Traitor Zhou's bagel. Also expect these to make an appearance on Migas' brunch spread after Spring Festival.

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Photos: Robynne Tindall

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