As if news of Disneyland opening in Shanghai, Universal Studios opening in Beijing in 2019 and a recently opened Hello Kitty theme park in Zhejiang weren’t exciting enough, China seems to be riding the amazing roller coaster of theme-park rush glory: Tianjin is going to be the proud home to a Six Flags by 2018.

Who knows, maybe in five years time we won’t have to go rely on the Chinese Ethnic Culture Park, Happy Valley Theme Park, or our trips home for all of our fun.

Designers have had to go all out, “We’ve had to flip entire buildings, move attractions and change elements because of feng shui reasons,” said Edward Marks, chief executive of the Producers Group, a Los Angeles-area theme park design and construction firm, Los Angeles Times reports.

Well, we can honestly say we are excited for any extra reason to go to Tianjin, and we will keep you updated.

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