Although foreigners are leaving China at a quicker rate than coming in, and sometimes it feels like the only sector hiring is the education sector, there are still sectors where foreigners are actively sought after. China does need foreign employees, and Premier Li Keqiang even met with foreign experts in Beijing last week, confirming that China will make things easier for foreign workers to stay in the future (unlike visa policy changes have demonstrated). 

Hired China summed up the six sectors in which foreign workers are still highly desired:

  1. Logistics – Chinese employers are seeking expatriates with global experience and strong relationship management skills. In this sector, fluent Chinese and English is highly desired, as well as industry-related experience, and the ability to work with analytics tools.
  2. Marketing – As Chinese brands go international, native speakers of foreign languages are sought out to aid in this expansion, especially those familiar with foreign digital marketing platforms.
  3. Language Education – The education sector is ever-expanding, with opportunities in schools, private education sectors, and for one-on-one tutoring. Some positions will require a TEFL or TESOL qualification on top of teaching experience.
  4. Information Technology – Software developers, network administrators, UI/UX designers, and support technicians are all in high demand, especially in combination with fluent English. Chinese language abilities are also a bonus in this sector.
  5. Human Resources – Chinese companies need HR specialists to recruit talent. For posts in this sector, applicants benefit from having a degree in HR or psychology, as well as work experience in the sector at a foreign company.
  6. Hospitality – Hotels throughout China are keen to take foreign employees on board for their language skills, cultural understanding, and customer service. Experience in the sector is a must.


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